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  5. Soldiers of Misfortune: Parasite Lost

Pawn Of Prophecy Trapped in life with peace of mind, Leaving the past behind Destiny has been planned if born again Relevations sets your fear, armageddons near A mental crutch, a resisting hype, To end your life Evangelize the population, Send in mind deception Contribute to sow the seeds, And his greed Prophecize catastrophe, Control the pawn of prophecy Dishonesty will bring you down, Firebound Pawn of prophecy, life is fading away Leaving you in dismay At dawn the bells ring summoning me I cannot live my life following this prophecy Senility, easy prey, your mind fades away Feeding off your sickly state, it's too late Crushing all your shattered dreams, Things are not as they seem Robbed of all your dignity, Now you're free Pawn of prophecy, life is fading away Leaving you in dismay 6.

Lost Through Times Looking across the giza plateau of sand The tombs of the kings on the horizon they stand All meanings have been lost through Winds of ancient time Why did they leave us this monumental sign? The kingdom of the dead conceals the mystery All meanings lost through times antiquity Concealment of intention, arcane faces of stone Dissension will uncover the knowledge, Lost unknown Lost through time The mystique behind the Egyptian desert The answers remain locked away The stone prism of the skies Shines as the sunlight descends Descending lights scorch the plains Returning kings back to reclaim 7.

A Storm In The Silence As I lay back and look to the night sky, New realms become visible to my eyes When I return back to reality, I wonder what is right to believe Waking to a new day and it's fate, Facing this world, breeding hate A storm in the silence Gazing into the glass screen of doom, Depression sets in, destruction looms A storm in the silence To sacrifice my sanity would kill me Room to breathe to set myself free A storm roars around my brain Silence within keeps me sane I must escape to deal with life A change in the world eludes my sights A storm in the silence 8.

Truth Is it reality when I say there is no future Left for the young? Oblivion has just begun, Can this be real? You've left wounds that cannot heal Problems to solve with with no way to resolve The truth of life to come cannot be concealed A wicked world takes hold, the end begins The civilization corrodes, drowning in sin Blinded by the cause, can't see tomorrows flaws This way of life just does not seem right A captive in my mind, someday we will find That not all is truth of life, they will steal the youth The truth of life to come cannot be concealed A wicked world takes hold, the end begins The civilization corrodes, drowning in sin No I will not follow The truth has changed me The well of life is running dry No lies Not far away we will find Ambivalence tearing our minds I see right through their lies Despised We play the fools, the retarded make the rules Can this be truth?

Soldiers of Paradise

We slip into their noose The poison they feed is something many need To carry on as thid new day dawns The truth of life to come, it must be revealed A wicked world takes hold, the end begins We watch our lives corrode, drowning in sin 9. After The Rain [Instrumental] Thanks to blackraven for sending these lyrics.

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Soldiers of Misfortune: Parasite Lost

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    The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11: Who Are They?

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    If the biblical references are to a literal skin-mottling disease, some commentators find smallpox a more likely candidate. Certainly, leprosy has peeked into human history at odd junctures, as when the soldiers of Alexander the Great conquered the East and brought back the disease, as well as silks and spices.

    Europeans came back from the Crusades infected—a public relations problem for the church, because the Crusades were supposed to be a holy war, and leprosy appeared to place God on the other side. For a few centuries, leper colonies could be found throughout Europe, but the Black Death eventually killed most lepers and thus broke the chain of transmission.

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    Worldwide, half a million new cases of leprosy are discovered annually, and the total number of people afflicted is at least 10 million. Although the United States has as many as 6, lepers—most of them in Louisiana and Texas—only 35 to 50 new cases are diagnosed each year, most of them recent immigrants. But elsewhere in the world, the disease has never lost its hold. Half a million new cases are discovered annually, and the total number of people afflicted is at least 10 million. India and Brazil have severe leprosy problems, but the disease occurs almost everywhere in the world.


    Soldiers of Misfortune: Parasite Lost

    Why leprosy continues to spread in some areas without getting a foothold in others has been a mystery, as indeed has its route of transmission. For a time, the disease was considered hereditary, because relatives of lepers are more likely than others to catch the disease. But Western science dropped that theory in the s, when a missionary named Father Damien, who had a well-documented and leprosy-free family background, caught the disease while working with lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. For at least 2, years, most people have assumed that leprosy is contagious. In that hypothesis was bolstered when a Norwegian doctor named Armauer Hansen discovered Mycobacterium leprae, the bacterium that causes the disease.

    The nasal secretions of people with severe cases carry enormous quantities of M. But no one has proved this, or any other, transmission hypothesis.


    Even among people in close contact with lepers, only a fraction seems to contract the disease, even in endemic areas. The disease progresses slowly: The first lesion is thought to follow the actual infection by three years or more; the worst manifestations develop years after that. The most horrific symptoms occur in only a tiny minority of those infected, and most people are not susceptible to infection at all.

    To truly untangle the mystery of the disease, scientists must cultivate M. In fact, no one has yet succeeded in cultivating it outside a warm body. As a result, much of the history of leprosy research has been devoted to finding suitable hosts to propagate the bacterium. For decades, the fresh tissues of infected humans were the only good source of the microbe. It was another century before someone thought of using armadillos. Richard Truman and I don gowns, disposable booties, masks, and rubber gloves.

    Filter - Soldiers of Misfortune

    Then we open a door and step into an odor Truman had warned me about. The cement floors are littered with a sawdust-like material. The dishes for food and water are just like those one might provide for a dog or cat—in fact, the food includes cat chow—but the residents here are nine-banded armadillos. An ordinary plastic kitchen trash can lies in each run to serve as a burrow.