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We Need To Stop Saying “I’m Not That Kind of Girl”

Astros favored to win '20 World Series; Nats May 23, A tumbleweed floats on through the barren wasteland of my weekday evenings without a daily dose of drama to vicariously live my life through. It poses the whole concept of that for women, at least there is the good kind of sex the kind you have if only in a serious, monogamous relationship with candles and rose petals all very rom-com and the bad kind of sex one night stands, casual, probably the result of flirting via Snapchat , just how society has created two types of women; the good kind pure, innocent, wifey-material and the bad kind sexual, independent, sassy etc And that kind of girl is most definitely the bad kind.

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There lies the crux of the problem. The statement is internalised sexism to the core. Whereas before, she used to always stay at home and be a good girl.

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  • We Need To Stop Saying “I’m Not That Kind of Girl”?

Would he ever get a hard time if he chose to flirt with a woman, buy a her a drink, stay out all night and crash at her place? I doubt it. The most he might get called is a player. You can be a good girl and a bad girl.

But I’m not an insensitive bastard.

We can be both. It would be nice to do whatever we wanted without having to worry and defend ourselves from judgement.

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Do what you want! Kiss men in bars. Flirt with kebab man. Date three guys- no, five — if you want aka have enough free time all at once.

Not That Kind of Girl Quotes

Have a one night stand. And dance so fucking hard Beyonce would be like damnnn. Just make sure you brush your teeth and say your prayers before bed or whatever. You can be good and bad.

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Well said! I've always had such a hard time with that phrase. It minimizes options for women and we do ourselves a disservice when we give into or accept that kind of language.

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Violet Roots Instagram Twitter. This is such a great post raising some really thoughtful issues. I'm so guilty of saying "I'm not that type of girl" without even thinking about what I was really saying.