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Michael Abrash
  1. Wheeling Register, 11 September 1886
  2. esatininbeat.cf (Page 2)
  3. Saturday Evening Mail, Volume 19, Number 23,Terre Haute, Vigo County, 1 December 1888
  4. Wheeling Register, 20 May 1884

Ida is given as the first king of Bernicia. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle indicates that Ida's reign began in , and records him as the son of Eoppa, grandson of Esa, and great-grandson of Ingui. He hypothesizes that Ingui, representing the same Germanic god as the Norse Yngvi , originally was held to be founder of the Anglian royal families at a time predating the addition of the eponymous Beornuc and extension of the pedigree to Woden.

The name may have been added to reflect a political alliance between the two kingdoms. The genealogies of the Anglo-Saxon kings attached to some manuscripts of the Historia Brittonum give more information on Ida and his family; the text names Ida's "one queen" as Bearnoch and indicates that he had twelve sons. Several of these are named, and some of them are listed as kings. A genealogy for Lindsey is also part of the collection. However, unlike the other kingdoms, the lack of surviving chronicle materials covering Lindsey deprive its pedigree of context.

In his analysis of the pedigree, Frank Stenton pointed to three names as being informative. A second name, Biscop, is the Anglo-Saxon word for bishop , and suggests a time after conversion.

Grimm sees in the Biscop Bedecing of the pedigree the same name form as that of the " Biscop Baducing " appearing in Vita Sancti Wilfrithi. The earliest surviving manuscript that extends prior to Woden, the Vespasian version of the Anglian collection, only gives one additional name, that of Woden's father, an otherwise unknown Frealeaf.

  1. Cylchgronau Cymru - Chwilio.
  2. Auch am Rand ist in der Mitte - eine (nicht nur) literarische Reise durch Irland: - (German Edition).
  3. Drunk on Sports.

However, in the case of the genealogy of the kings of Lindsey, it makes Frealeaf son of Friothulf, son of Finn, son of Godulf, son of Geat. This appears to be a more recent addition, added after the Historia Brittonum tabular genealogies were derived from the Anglian collection's precursor, and subsequently added to other lineages.

The name at the head of this pedigree is that of another legendary Scandinavian, Geat , apparently the eponymous ancestor of the Geats and perhaps once a god. Sisam concludes, "Few will dissent from the general opinion that the ancestors of Woden were a fanciful development of Christian times. Asser gives a similar pedigree with some different name forms and one version of the Chronicle has an obvious error removing the early part of the pedigree, but all these clearly represent a second pedigree tradition.

The earliest names in the constructed pedigree, the connection to the Biblical genealogy, were the last to be added. Priam is then given a pedigree of classical Greek ancestors, including Jupiter and Saturn , that connects to the Biblical Book of Nations via the branch shared by the Greeks. This derives the line from Japheth , Noah's son who by medieval tradition was ancestor of all European peoples. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anglo-Saxon royal genealogies, in manuscripts based in the 8th to 10th centuries.

Further information: Germanic king. Main article: Kentish Royal Legend. Further information: Iclings and Kings of the Angles. Robert Wright William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Other manuscripts include an additional generation, making Vitgilsi son of Vitta , son of Vecta , son of Voden. Higham King Arthur: Myth-Making and History.

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Wheeling Register, 11 September 1886

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Saturday Evening Mail, Volume 19, Number 23,Terre Haute, Vigo County, 1 December 1888

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Wheeling Register, 20 May 1884

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