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Martin ed Bloomsbury Academic Preview Only The full text of this book is only available to members of institutions that have purchased access. Martin, J. Halliday: Language Turned Back on Himself. London: Bloomsbury Academic. London: Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Collections. Accessed November 10, Email x Interviews with M.

Halliday Abstract This volume gathers together 14 interviews with M A K Halliday, the founder of systemic functional linguistics SFL , recorded over four decades — the most recent of which was conducted in and published here for the first time. Share x. Book DOI Front matter Full Text Access Preface pp. Full Text Access Acknowledgements pp. Full Text Access Introduction pp. With Herman Parret pp. With The English Magazine pp. Since we knew the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor well we offered our services as gofers to help him manage things around the university and the town.

He had asked a local printer to produce two course packs, a prepublication copy of Cohesion in English and a prepublication copy of Learning How to Mean plus a few other articles. The problem was that the printer had miscollated the two packs. Needless to say Michael then accepted our help and that of a few other students who learned of the problem and we got to know one another well while we collated and tried to avoid tripping over one another.

During that class he said that he would be eating lunch in the League a convenient cafeteria on campus and would be happy if anyone would like to eat with him. For a couple of days we watched and no one took him up on his offer, so after a while we regularly had lunch with him, and we discovered his love of chocolate cake.

Download Interviews With Mak Halliday Language Turned Back On Himself PDF, ePub, Mobi Book"

The following year he was teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, and one fall the family came to our home to visit, to see the fall colors, and to buy some offal specifically tripe from our local meat processor i. Tripe is generally not generally considered food in the US, and therefore it is difficult to find anywhere other than the source. In fact, when we went to buy some for Michael and Ruqaiya we had to promise on our honor that we would only feed it to animals. So, in effect, Michael and his family drove from Chicago to mid-Michigan to have dog food for dinner.

Nan and I decided that we would go to Australia to work with Michael and that if we were going to go that far we should go for the full year.

HALLIDAY Language of Early Childhood

Thus began our roughly 8-month stay with the Hallidays. Meals at the Hallidays at that time posed quite a problem for the cook —Ruqaiya. Halliday—as opposed to Ruqaiya and Nan and me. The problem for the cook was that all of us except Ruqaiya had some sort of food restriction, but all the restrictions were different.

So finding something that all of us could eat together was very difficult. Ruqaiya was an excellent gourmet cook, specializing in Pakistani dishes. We occasionally had a bit of culture conflict.

HALLIDAY Language of Early Childhood

While Ruqaiya was in charge of cooking, Michael was in charge of washing the dishes. I helped out by drying. After all the dishes and silver etc. Of course Nan wanted to help with the cooking, and at the beginning she was given jobs that were pretty simple to do e. Gradually Ruqaiya, began to teach Nan some of the dishes she was making and actually let her help prepare the food. Toward the end of our stay Nan was even preparing a few of the dishes for the family on days that Ruqaiya taught classes late into the evening.

Academically our Australian experience, though far different than what I had expected, was far more significant in affecting our lives than we had any right to expect. Before we arrived in Australia I had hoped that I would have some special time where I would consult with Michael on a regular basis about the various issues I was investigating.

It turned out that during our year in Australia I never had an appointment like that. What we did instead was talk while washing dishes, while walking between the train and the university, etc. I regularly took the opportunity to talk linguistics at those times. In addition both Michael and Ruqaiya made all their papers including unpublished drafts available to me. I regularly took them to the local copy machine, and then read the copies.

It was then that I learned of cohesive harmony which I considered then, and still consider, to be a powerful tool for text analysis.

Xeroxing these papers and then mailing the xeroxes home to Michigan turned out to be a major expense—but well worth it for us. The manager of the bookstore who had a great deal of experience with professors greatly overestimating the demand for course books—particularly when the course was in the first semester of its first year—decided that Michael had greatly overestimated the demand for his text books and ordered as Nan and I remember it a grand total of seven copies. Needless to say, when the next semester began most of the students reported that the bookstore was out of books for the course.


That was in the days before Amazon. Nan and I joked that they were coming by clipper ship. In the years since then we had many interactions with Michael, Ruqaiya and Neil and we have enjoyed and benefited from all. I am deeply saddened by this news. My condolences to his family on their loss. Taking plenty of scroggin might have been another. He has also walked the Coast-to-Coast track in the UK more than once! On both occasions, I thought of Michael you get plenty of time to think when walking up to 20km a day , of the number of people who are, every day, walking in his footsteps, and taking up the challenges that his theories have presented us.

What a breath-taking view that is! I remember Michael attending a conference presentation I made in Sydney in It was early days of my research and the findings were thin.

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I felt dismal after the session but Michael spoke to me and encouraged me. His kindness, humility, and generosity to a young scholar left an indelible mark on me. When I met Michael again in Beijing in , where we celebrated his 90th birthday, he told me about an offer he had in the very early days to work with the Singapore Ministry of Education. It did not materialise eventually but how remarkable for Singapore it would have been if it had! Understandings from Systemic Functional Theory have contributed to the English Language curriculum in Singapore and have influenced the teaching and learning of our students.

I had the privilege of publishing work by M. Halliday over the past 28 years. I could see his impact grow from year to year, but not his ego! He had a profound effect on the field in ways that are only starting to become apparent. I met Michael Halliday for the first time in the Glendon common room sometime around He must have given a talk on child language, because I can remember asking dumb questions on that subject.

3 editions of this work

I remember him being very patient with me. Of course he became the dominant figure in my professional life. He has always seemed to me the most brilliant person I have ever met, quite apart from his modesty and abundant kindness. Knowing him and working with his ideas has been one of the great privileges of my life. No words could express my extreme sadness at the news that Michael has left us! The world has lost one of the greatest linguists and an outstanding philosopher on social semiotics!

The SFL community has lost its founder and its most powerful and inspirational guide! We Chinese people have lost a great friend We all know that he had cherished a profound love for Chinese and the Chinese language ever since his childhood. For myself, I have lost a dear teacher and one of my best friends!

Leaders of the two Chinese societies based on the theories of SFL have written articles expressing their deepest condolence on the passing away of this great scholar. We belive that Michael Halliday and Ruqaiya Hasan will live forever in our mind! It was indeed sad news to learn of his passing, even though it was known to be not far away.

Many people will remember Michael for his kindness, interest and willingness to talk to other people with respect and interest on all sorts of topics that interested them. I remember that during the breaks in the conference organised by Rachel Whittaker U. Micheal often mentioned this on other occasions. Many doctoral theses have been the outcome of these visits.